After hearing about my Get Lost Girlfriend book, my new friend Gina shared this post with me. Very touching . . .

“I just came across an old letter from someone who used to be my best friend in the whole world, but who does not speak to me anymore because I no longer fit into the BOX she had me in. Her reasons for our separation had me thinking along about change and growth. I am not the same person I was was I was at 10… or 20… or 30 or even 40 … Each Decade brought new people into my life and removed some old ones. Each Decade Brought new experiences and growth. To expect someone NOT to change is just silly. I’d like to think I am a BETTER person all around NOW compared to when I was 17 , but to someone who lives in the Past… it may not be so.

Let go of the past, don’t blame the past (or others) for your present circumstances. Take Responsibility for everything that is presently in your life. Both the Good stuff and the Bad, YOU put them there.
Learn to FORGIVE others and Yourself. Allow those you love to grow…, But if they don’t want to , don’t ever let it stop YOU.
So as I throw out this letter, once again I say Goodbye old friend.

I forgive you and I wish you all the best

I gave her my book.

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